How to

Step 1

Search "CELEC2018" in the AppStore or the PlayStore or scan the QR CODE (Open your usual QRCode scanner or download a QR Code Reader from your store.)

Step 2

Download the target image (pdf or jpg) and print it
>>> link to the pdf
>>> link to the jpg



Step 3

Open the CELEC2018 application (be patient, it could take several seconds before the camera starts).  Scan the printed target image. Enjoy !




What & Why

What is AR ?

AR is the real time display of interactions of superimposed audio, video, graphics and other advanced effects over the real-world environment. This additional layer of artificial objects and extra information change our perception of our surroundings.

Future ?

We are experiencing the beginning of a new era. This app mixes 3D animation and music. With technical advances, from a simple text-notification app to a complicated complicated installation instructions, we'll soon be able to add value to our services.

Our process

Creating an Augmented Reality experience is a multi-stage process. For this app, we developped the 3D model with an animation expert, then  built the application with the technology that powers the image tracking and depth sensing.

Making Of

Ideas and pencil first

Our aim was to make a simple but effective, aesthetic and playful experience.

3D model

An animator built the 3D model with the Maya software then added movement

AR Integration

A developer created the app. using different skills, languages and methods, he integrated 3D, sound music and all the necessary functionalities (such as tracking) to play the animation.

App Publishing

Now it’s time to launch the app in stores. In order to do this you must design icons, make screenshots and write texts, before passing the necessary tests.

Support and Questions If you have any questions we will be pleased to answer them.

Privacy Policy :

- We do not collect, store or share any personal information, expect non-identifiable data such as internet cookies, crash logs. These are used to improve the user experience. ​

- We do not collect, store or share your location. ​

- We do not allow companies (such as advertising) to collect data through our apps or website. ​

- If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us

Contact Us

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